Almost 12 years ago, an angel entered our lives: Amanda.  Her parents, Monica and Mike, her sisters Melissa and Samantha, her grandparents, and her aunts and uncles greeted the news of her arrival with joy. Amanda, who was born 2 months prematurely, was diagnosed with a disease known as chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction disorder. After eight years, struggling with a declining quality of life, the moment that we all had feared arrived. The doctors told us that the only solution left was a multi-visceral transplant. In January 2003, by the grace of God, a donor, in an act of incredible generosity, donated the organs that our little angel needed.

The months that followed were tremendously difficult. Amanda struggled to survive. We were witnesses to her agony, her pain, and her will to live.

This was a time in her life that she should have been focused on herself.

But Amanda noticed with sadness that other transplant kids around her suffered in solitude, with no family to support them. Joseph was an example. Nobody visited him at all. Nobody brought him hugs and attention. Amanda would plead with us to spend time with him and to bring him gifts. In her little head there was no room to comprehend how this kids could be left alone in their time of need.

With her first set of new organs failing, on October 4th, 2003 Amanda underwent a second transplant. It failed as well. Her spirit went to heaven.

She is now an angel and we believe she looks over all of the lonely transplant kids that she cared so deeply about while she was here.

Since January 2004 I have volunteered in the same hospital where my little granddaughter had her transplant. For us  as a family, it is inconceivable and unacceptable how many kids are there without anyone to support them as they fight for their lives. They have no one to love them. All the doctors, nurses, specialists, and volunteers in the world will do them no good without love and affection. Even in her short nine years, with all its pain and suffering, Amanda lived a full life surrounded with love. For Joseph and so many more, their reality is the opposite.

Imagine your child been dependent on a organ transplant to survive. Imagine spending months, even years, existing in a cold, sterile hospital room because your family is incapable or unwilling to care for you.

 Even worse, imagine been forced to remain in a home without medical treatment simply because there is no other place to go. Imagine a child with no home, no friends, and no hope for a future. Today we can medically "save" these fragile lives, it's true, but what kind of a life are we saving these children for?

These children need a real place to call home, not another room number. They need friends and playful memories of childhood, not scary nightmares of equipment and procedures. Like everyone, they need goals and plans for the future. Not only  they need a caring, dedicated staff, but they need to experience the feeling of being a member of a loving family. Above all, they need to know their lives has meaning and it s worth living.

Our Mission

Amanda's wish was to give love and increase opportunities for all ill children with special healthcare needs like her in need of an organ transplant.  While she was at the hospital she found out that there were a lot of children in need of love and hope.  She often sent her visitors to see the other children.  She wanted all the children around her to live with love, care and hope.

Through the development of this mission we will be able to grant Amanda's wish, by increasing the number of families and communities to be prepared to care for this special kids.

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